Content Marketing Activation

In case you haven’t seen the memo, Social Media Marketing is dead. Not to say that Facebook and Twitter are a thing of the past, rather, your approach to content will make or break your communication efforts in the future. Social media is simply one way to activate your content strategy. We’ll work with you to build a complete content marketing plan all the way from strategic planning to day-to-day activation.

Programatic Media Planning

Our capabilities and partnerships give us access to a tremendous amount of data, both structured and un-structured. Joining these data types brings endless possibilities of real-time, actionable insights that allow us to programmatically plan and place your media in order to reach and engage your most influential consumers.

Engagement Strategy (CRM)

At FutureCast, we believe that the most successful financial performers in the near future will be the brands that integrate their social and behavioral data with their customer data, creating a truly unique social CRM platform. If you’re not there yet, we can work with your existing data points to help build an actionable CRM program that will effectively target your advocates and create lasting relationships into tomorrow.

Product Innovation

As a team built on the idea of always looking forward, it’s our job to look for new ways to reimagine products, brands and industries. The way that people interact with brands changes on a daily basis and through emerging technology, we can help identify your consumers’ needs and wants and provide the innovative experiences your brand needs.

Touchpoint/Journey Mapping

There is no longer a purchase funnel or a cycle that leads to your customer buying a product. Contrary to the models in your marketing book, there is no set path to purchase. Brands are living and breathing organisms and we can work with your brand to find out where you need to create experiences, meaning and intrigue in order to build partnerships and fuel energy to your brand.

Loyalty Program Development

Our research has told us that 70 percent of millennials will come back to a brand they love. One of the best ways to build on your Brand Love® is to reward your consumers for coming back. Our team has extensive experience in this area and can help you develop a program to thank your most loyal brand advocates and inspire them to keep singing your praises.

Starting a Movement

Traditionally, we used to look to mainstream media to tell us when something “newsworthy” is happening. Now, the most impactful stories are determined by the people. Entire movements can be born from just one hashtag. If your brand is seeking to go off the beaten path, we’re ready to help take you there.

Creative Strategy

By using agile, real-time data and Content Excellence® activation, we are also able to add more substance to creative ideas and truly add a voice to your campaign and brand.

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