Greg Vodicka

Employee Bio

In a marketplace that is evolving at an unspeakable rate, we can no longer simply rely on trends and insights to be indicative of future success. As one of the inaugural members of FutureCast, Greg’s strategic foresight brings radical clarity to the otherwise convoluted arena of uncertainty. At FutureCast, we believe your ability to predict, adapt and respond will be what sets apart the leaders from the followers. This mindset is what inspires Greg to lead our group with an entrepreneurial tenacity reflective in how we operate as a company. As Director of Client Service, Greg leads a team of strategists, analysts, writers, makers and problem solvers; all committed to elevating brand partners through rapid and provocative transformation. Greg’s remarkable ability to navigate client challenges and anxieties is only matched by his commitment to understanding the true origin of the problem. As an instinctive problem solver, Greg focuses on assembling and inspiring the best team of experts to develop unique solutions for a number client partners ranging from Hershey to Anheuser-Busch.

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