Leah Swartz

Employee Bio

Leah is a millennial by nature and storyteller by profession. She works as a Content Specialist at FutureCast, focusing on distilling complex ideas and complicated strategies into well-articulated, actionable insights and recommendations. Leah’s ability to elegantly navigate large-scale research, strategic insights and consumer trends proves to be an invaluable skillset on any client project. Her unique perspectives on millennial consumer trends and engagement tactics have been published in PSFK, Forbes, New York Times, American Business Journals and more. She was a major contributor and author of Millennials with Kids (2015), and the lead editor of millennialmarketing.com, a top millennial marketing insights resource for marketing and brand professionals. As a millennial herself, Leah is able to help companies create the best action plan to engage millennial brand partners through co-creation and rich content strategies. Leah is a problem solver, strategic thinker and proactive leader always on the lookout for new opportunities to make an impact on her community and the world around her.

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