Money Matters

FutureCast’s newest report “Money Matters: How Affluent Millennials are Living the Millennial Dream” takes a look at Affluence; the growing buzzword when it comes to millennials in the marketing and business world. Across the board, brands from Burberry to BMW have been wondering how to engage a nascent but growing population of affluent young adults, due to their nontrivial impact on discretionary spending.



Mr. and Mrs. Millennial Mom and Dad

“Mr. and Mrs. Millennial Mom and Dad: In Depth Behavioral Segmentation Study of Millennials with Children” is FutureCast’s latest report on millennial parents. Over the next 25 years, 80 percent of millennials will be like every generation before them as they step into their new roles of mom and dad. Our media saturated culture hasn’t yet caught up with this reality. There is still a tendency to report on millennials as if they are still “those colorful natives,” ahead of the rest of us in technology adaptation and practitioners of all kinds of peculiar habits. This is a myopic view of the generation, and the truth about them lies elsewhere.


#Golf and the Millennial Generation

FutureCast just released “#Golf and the Millennial Generation”, our joint report that we did with the National Golf Foundation. Over the past two decades – which could be considered “recent” in the long history of golf – the participation rate among 18- to 34-year-olds has declined. Today, members of this age cohort are known as millennials, or Gen-Y, and fewer of them are playing golf than the generation before them. This concerns us for several reasons, but primarily because this is the age when golf participation has historically peaked.