Here’s How We See Things

Looking ahead is what we’re all about. With millennials changing the way we approach marketing and the impending wave of of Millennial Mindset® consumers, our origination is based on preparing you for the future. Seriously, it’s literally in our name. However, to envision your greatest possible future, you must first unlearn the past.

Learning Through Unlearning

So what exactly does unlearning mean? It means throwing aside the traditional ways of thinking that so many marketing principles support. It means disregarding target audiences and purchase funnels and begin truly embracing change for the betterment of your brand and consumers. There are a number of questions we ask when looking at your brand and how we’ll move forward. Here’s a few:

  • Who are your customers of today and tomorrow?
  • How do they engage with your brand?
  • Is your brand ready for transformation?
  • Where are the opportunities, both today and tomorrow, for transformation?

Our Sweet Spot for Transformation

After analyzing your current brand standing, we are able to use our proprietary data sets to enable transformation at a customer household level. We like to talk about these data sets as three pieces of which FutureCast is able to intersect at the middle. These pieces of customer level data truly let us hone in on your consumer.

Customer Perceptions

One of our unique data sets allow us to measure brand perceptions and compare them to top competitors within their respective industries. The uniqueness is that this data can be pulled and observed at a daily level and is fueled by 2 million panelists with 5,000+ weekly completes.

While quarterly trackers have traditionally been the way to measure brand health, we can measure 14 KPIs including awareness, buzz, satisfaction and recommendation on a daily basis and segment across eight filters to determine how specific events affect your brand. This makes it easy to track certain campaigns and product launches and come away with actionable insights on how you resonated with your audience.

Customer Actions

While brand perceptions are incredibly important, we also have the ability to understand how customers act in the social space. Our second data set allows us to tie 300 million social profiles directly to an email, totaling 25 billion social graph connections. Sounds impressive, but what does this actually mean?

Connecting these profiles allows us to not only look at social identities and behaviors, but also who those connections are following and shopping and identify customers of the future as potential customers that your competitor is stealing.

Customer Motivations

Finally, our third piece of the puzzle focuses on household level values, lifestyles and conversations that people are having. We are able to segment different consumers based on these values using seven major databases and can then use these lifestyles, demographics and purchase behaviors to sharpen media dollars, create CRM programs and project category spending as a whole.

This also allows us to use each of these segments and determine how to reach each of them and determine how each of them interacts with your brand differently. Again, with these being tied to a household level, we can use this to strengthen your current segmentation and drive content and creative strategies, too.


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