Our Mission:

To facilitate rapid business and marketing transformation in the impending wave of millennial dominance.

If it’s a given that businesses must adapt to a changing market, then why are we still saying things like “best business practices” and “rules for marketing your product”?  If we agree that marketing initiatives MUST be measurable and actionable, then why are we still approaching brands from an abstract point of view?

The abstract can lead to great creative, but more often it just leads to unwanted expenditure. John Wanamaker, considered the father of both the modern department store and modern advertising, once said, “I know that half of my advertising dollars are wasted … I just don’t know which half.”

After generations of brilliant creative minds and an uncountable number of wonderful storytellers, we believe it’s time to base marketing decisions on FACT rather than a hunch. Instead of marketing decisons based on an unwarranted instinct, we provide the tools necessary to make great and effective campaign solutions based on data.

At FutureCast, we understand that an idea is just that. Supported by real-time insights and actionable data, ideas can become more potent. Because we’re tired of trying to shout over the universe when an intimate dialogue was always the goal. And we’re tired of trying to be something to everyone when we really should be unique and meaningful to a focused group.

The marketers of today who are busy writing the rulebook, are begging us to break their rules. The organizations that think they finally have the recipe for success are overcooking their meal. The executives that argue there is a right and wrong way of doing business don’t see us living between the lines, and those building highways, are begging us to take back roads.

You want the crystal ball?  You want the treasure map? We can’t help you…

What we do is give you the north-pointing compass powered by data, a directional beacon towards your greatest possible future.       

Let’s begin this journey together.

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