Data is the difference between insight and foresight.


Millennial Brand Assessment

In our Millennial Readiness Assessment, we take a real-time, objective look at your brand communication through our ‘Seven Tenants of the Modern Brand’. These tenants are based on our research and what we understand as guiding principles in order to win with the Millennial consumer. The seven tenants serve as filters to grade your communication as it relates to your business. Finally, we determine the three greatest opportunities you should focus future resources on.


Millennial Profile & Projection

Not all data is created equal. We believe that data must be actionable to be useful. Plenty of organizations collect consumer data on their customers. Some even develop a segmentation in an attempt to better understand these people. But what does this information really inform?

In order for organizations to achieve their maximum potential, brands must understand the power and implications of their data. When we pair structured data with un-structured data, the possibilities are endless. This information is used to inform every corporate decision from branding, packing and messaging to distribution, media planning, and CRM.

In our Millennial Profile & Projection process, we create a highly customized, proprietary segmentation model based on your customers actions, perceptions and motivations. Looking through a millennial focused lens, we triangulate these three databases and deliver actionable and measurable insights tailored to your desired outcomes.



Social Conversation Evaluation

While we often boldly say that social media marketing is dead, do not misunderstand us here. Social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon; it’s simply an avenue to deliver content. Often times, social platforms are where most conversations are happening. Great modern brands take advantage of this user generated content and treat it as brand fuel. While some brands are busy shouting over each other for share of voice, inspired brands focus on a balance of listening and contributing to the dialogue.

In order to understand this busy landscape of social engagement, FutureCast performs a Social Conversation Evaluation to gain a clear view of the conversations happening with your brand, your competition and your category. We work to identify key opportunities for implementing your content strategy where conversations are already happening. We also identify areas where conversations should be started and where your brand’s voice should be injected. By providing a polarized view of those engaging with your brand in the social space, we’ll uncover authentic motivations that drive your brand fans as well as motivations that deter others.